Lgchem Trading Company Fire / Jockey Pumps

Diesel Drive Fire Pump

  • UL listed/FM Approved NFPA-20 Design
  • Engines are selected for the customer’s need
  • Fuel tank and other accessories are available
  • For Commercial, industrial and marine Use

Horizontal Split Case Electric Driven Fire Pump

  • UL Listed/FM Approved NFPA-20 Design
  • Flows from 750 to 1000GPM
  • Pressure from 40 to 490PSI
  • For Commercial, Industrial and Marine Use
  • Diesel Land Electric Driven

Package Fire Pump

  • UL Listed/FM Approved Aurora fire design
  • UL Listed/Fm approved fire pump controller
  • UL  Listed jockey pump controller
  • Complete system hydrostatically tested

Vertical Split Case Jockey

  • Bronze impeller
  • Cast iron or duplicate iron casting
  • Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation (electric only)
  • Casing wear rings
  • Renewable shaft sleeves
  • Grease lubricated long life bearings
  • Packed Stuffing box

Package Fire Pump Vertical Type

  • UL listed/Fm approved
  • NFPA-20 design
  • Flows from 250 to 4500 GPM
  • Pressures from 75 to 387 PSI
  • For Industrial and Commercial and Marine user